I was born and raised in Cheshire. I grew up in an environment where my extended family were all actively involved in traditional textile crafts and this is where my fascination with working with fabric originates.

In the late 1980s I moved to Sweden where I had the chance to fulfil a childhood ambition of learning to weave. I lived in BorĂ¥s, the textile capital of Sweden and was trained in the art of weaving by local weavers with a lifetime of experience. I return to Sweden every summer for an extended visit to gather more inspiration and materials for my weaving.

Back in England, I joined the Merseyside Guild of Weavers where I learned the arts of spinning, natural dyeing and felting.

Now that my children are both teenagers, I can finally devote the time that I need to designing and making unique pieces. Weaving is a time consuming process with each piece taking many days to create and finish. I take pride in knowing that each piece has been made entirely by my own hands and to a unique design that I have created.