I live in rural Lancashire in a Victorian house. My studio is on the top floor of what was originally the coach house. This is where I do all my weaving.

My studio houses three floor-looms, a number of table-looms and an area for designing   and finishing. Each of the floor-looms are suited for weaving specific types of articles.


This is my largest loom. It is a counter-march loom and can weave up to a width of 135cm. It is particularly good for weaving intricate patterns. It was manufactured in Sweden and I acquired it in the town of  Lidköping before bringing it back to the UK.

This was my first loom and came from Dalsjöfors in the textile heartland of Sweden. It is a heavy duty loom and is particularly suited to weaving heavier, stronger yarns. I use it to weave all my handbags and rugs.
 This is my smallest loom which came from Åsa on the Swedish west coast. It is a Glimåkra - the renowned manufacturer of looms. It is a neat loom on which I weave the majority of my throws and scarves.

I have built up a stock of fine and varied natural yarns from my travels around the traditional mills in Sweden and northern England. This enables me to weave a wide variety  of textures and colours as the inspiration takes me.